North Carolina

We had just crossed the Georgia border traveling south into Florida; we still had several hours to go before arriving at our home in Naples. I looked down at my watch and realized it had stopped before we… Read More

Blue + White: Coastal Trends

The coast calls to us and we migrate to the water whether we live near it or love to travel to visit it.  The lifestyle is a little more relaxed and the pace a little slower; we replenish our… Read More

The Color Green

March is another month that is undeniably surrounded in a color: the color green.  As St. Patrick’s Day turns the corner, I was thinking how I never have celebrated the holiday…so I really can’t speak of the this green beer… Read More

The Color Red

People have strong emotional ties to colors and a color can affect someone’s mood and their thoughts. During February we are surrounded in a wash of red everywhere we look as Valentine Day approaches: from red roses to red… Read More

Florida Style

What a beautiful name for our unspoiled beaches, white sand and bountiful seashells that line the coast.  Every now and then a stop on the beach reminds me of where we live, the attraction for visitors and the… Read More

A Peaceful Earth Day

**Earth Day** Makes me reflect on a peaceful walk in the woods, or the fresh feeling from the splash of water from the prow of a boat… A place where you can feel at one with Nature. It’s great, isn’t it? My blog… Read More

Building Biology

Never heard of it? Neither have I, until recently! In a nutshell it is the environmental health of your home.  Everyone has heard of Feng Shui to achieve good Chi. Feng Shui is a principal designed to orientate your living quarters to achieve a… Read More

Decking the Halls

Decking the Halls this Holiday Season? A little story of Christmas tree lights!    Until the late 19th century candles were the only way to light a Christmas Tree. There were many experiments to create safe holders, from hoops in… Read More