Organize the Situation: Cabinet Conveniences

As time goes by and our kids are growing and getting more independent there are more “chefs in the kitchen” then when JR and I were the only ones who knew where things were and where to put things back.  There was a time when we had to help them retrieve food or utensils, to bath products and clothing. blind base Now we have independent young people growing up with chores to empty the dishwasher and put things away to running through the kitchen with their friends to grab and prep  their own snacks and food.  Before their “help” we were used to the game of Tetris it took to fit the pots and pans, bowls or just about anything really that needed to be put away or pulled from. Relief came from simple pairing down to our most commonly used utensils, clothing, and “other stuff” and donating the rest. But this inspired feeling that comes from the cleansing is a short lived without organization.  I love when my clients have developed the same desire for organization, that is one of the fun parts of my job! Other decorators may say its the basil container on the counter for decor, though the fresh scent cutlery dividerof basil is a nice touch (if you can keep it alive), I like studying the kitchen layout and the best place for the utensils, to the hidden pullout drawers and pantries that can make even the “Take Out Cooks”, look and feel like an organized pro chef in their own domain! The same goes for mudrooms, laundry rooms and especially bathrooms. I have designed hidden outlets behind the pullout drawers for instant access to the electric shaver or hairdryer for grab and use and what else… put away…yeah!!

hidden laundrySo next time you have the chance to do remodel or build new: take the time to really think about what you need, how you want to live. Sadly I see these brand new multi-million dollar homes; built with empty shelled cabinets, looks pretty in the moment but have no real life function. In a few cases I have even seen new kitchens with no thought or place for the garbage can, that shouldn’t happen, these aren’t club houses, they are full functioning homes. We should not only look good but feel good too. Take the time, ask for those hidden perks of storage, otherwise known as “cabinet accessories”, or as Mouser refers to them; “Cabinet Conveniences”. Better yet, next time you need a new kitchen or other cabinetry, call me to be your designer, we have designed and provided our Mouser Custom Cabinets not only all over Naples, Bonita and Boca Grande but for our clients stretching as far as North Carolina, Maryland and Connecticut. Remember my motto “not just a style, its a lifestyle!!”

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