Seems Like Yesterday Look Book 2016

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A little Vintage, a Little Coastal, a Whole Lot of Comfortable!

Love this place! Another successful Interior Design project and proud of it! This home turned out great for this family of four to enjoy awesome winters in Naples, Florida! Cool colors with warm intentions this house surpasses any… Read More

Dreams Do Come True

So I woke up from a dream… The words in my dream as I awoke were repeating loud and clear…”you own Seems Like Yesterday…you own Seems like Yesterday…” First thing I did that morning was incorporate Seems Like… Read More

A Little Contemporary, A Little Industrial, A Little Chic, And A Whole Lot of Comfortable!

  We are super thrilled with this before and after! When our clients asked for a modern look and were not afraid of industrial design, we took their very old, very tired, very original 25+-year-old condo with very… Read More

Are You Covered?

Here’s a Seems Like Yesterday flash back; Are you covered? I was just thinking about my Nona’s house (“Nona” is “grandmother” in Italian) and of her plastic covered protection on everything! Do we live in a very disposable… Read More

Spring Has Sprung!

“Spring”. The word itself presents a powerful picture and metamorphosis in most of our minds of flowers budding and beautiful colors coming into flourish.  Spring has been celebrated as early as Pagan times.  Easter, that has just passed,… Read More

Bold Colors Create Epic Entertainment

Sometimes it can be really scary for people to introduce bright colors into their interior spaces. It makes sense — it’s obviously a lot safer to go with muted or subtle neutral colors. But when our client came… Read More

Le Grande Salon

Le Grand Salon, a unique and notable space, not found in every home. In fact, some luxury homes I’ve had the pleasure to design have steered away from including this space or they’ve minimized it to such an… Read More

Blue + White: Coastal Trends

The coast calls to us and we migrate to the water whether we live near it or love to travel to visit it.  The lifestyle is a little more relaxed and the pace a little slower; we replenish our… Read More