Why Use a Designer? Why Use Odyssey?

The achievement of comfort in the home where one can relax, feel at peace and be happy is the best accomplishment, right? No matter how big or small, after designing pied-a-terres that range from 1000 square feet to… Read More

Cinemas at Home

Photo courtesy of Bill Earls The earliest documented account of an exhibition of projected motion pictures in the United States was in June 1894 in Richmond, Indiana by Charles Francis Jenkins. Jenkins used his Phantoscope to project his… Read More

Intro to Athena’s Blog

After 20 years of working in Interior Design in Naples, Florida, I was asked to compile a number of articles as a contributing editor of Luxury Home Design for Portfolio Magazine.  As you can imagine it was a tremendous… Read More

Le Jardin

Photo by Bill Earls A beautifully designed outside space is just as important and sometimes even more spiritual and thought evoking than any four walled room. When I started my artistic journey in design school in Toronto I… Read More

La Cucina

When we think of the hub of our home, the place where the day starts and the last lights are turned off at night, we think of the kitchen. Most of my readers now know that I grew… Read More

La Tavola

“La tavola,” or simply the table, is a place where we gather with family and friends to join in a meal. The dining room is a place where we appreciate good food, fine wine, and great company. As… Read More

Le Bain

In most homes, Le Bain or the bathroom’s sole purpose is that of convenience and utility. Yet when it comes to high-end homes, I have had the privilege to design very detailed and intricate master ensuites that showcase… Read More

Le Grande Salon

Le Grand Salon, a unique and notable space, not found in every home. In fact, some luxury homes I’ve had the pleasure to design have steered away from including this space or they’ve minimized it to such an… Read More

North Carolina

We had just crossed the Georgia border traveling south into Florida; we still had several hours to go before arriving at our home in Naples. I looked down at my watch and realized it had stopped before we… Read More