Building Biology

Never heard of it? Neither have I, until recently!
In a nutshell it is the environmental health of your home.
 Everyone has heard of Feng Shui to achieve good Chi.
Feng Shui is a principal designed to orientate your living quarters to achieve a better life balance.
 The problem is, it is thousands of years old,
 before electricity and the everyday conveniences we now have in our home that may affect our health.
 So instead of “Good Chi”, it’s now “Healthy Home.”
A brief history lesson; we’ve all heard before:
“when I was a kid I used to walk miles to school, up hill in both directions, barefoot, in the snow!— 

 Do you know how lucky you are!?!”
The point was that our parents and grandparents neve had the luxuries when they were younger as we know and have grown dependent on today. Remember it hasn’t been that long since the Industrial Revolution! It did change the world, everything from transportation to building materials to agriculture.  Civilization embraced these changes
 and it’s been so great, so convenient, so affordable and so much better than walking barefoot in the snow…
…we should ask:  how healthy is it?
We all make our own choices:  we try to eat healthy,  change some household products and even try a CFL light bulb or two, but we rarely think about our house as having its own “Building Biology”.
The barefoot story was always accompanied by;
 “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
….then in later years we heard… “everything in moderation”
…and now the saying is…
“less is more!” 
(Less chemicals = more healthy)
If you want to improve your building biology for a healthier home, feel free to ask me what changes you can make in your existing house or what good planning tips can be implemented when you decide to build new or remodel.
There are some really easy options you can embrace that would be better for your family’s health and would not have to sacrifice your style.

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