Dropping the ASID

Ah Hah!
 As you may have noticed, after nine years, I have dropped my professional affiliation with ASID the American Society of Interior Designers, the very association that professed their commitment to build a professional and serious public appreciation and protect the credibility of licensed Interior Designers.  The professionals, like me and Katrina, who went to Accredited schools for interior design, who did their years of due diligence with licensed interior design firms and studied hard to pass the NCIDQ,National Council of Interior Design Qualification, to eventually present all this certification to the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design…to become full fledged Interior Designers, to follow through bi-annually with 20 hours of continued education in health, safety and welfare, all to have the right to use the title and to have the right to certify our business; to hold the “sacred” title “Interior Designer.”
 Well, well, well….in recent light of a big loss for Interior Designers in Florida, I have decided not to rejoin ASID.  I have paid my member ship dues annually, mainly to protect the integrity of our profession. Then it happened,  a law suit was created by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKAB) pleading that it was unfair for them not to be able to advertise members in their association as Interior Designers – They won!
It has recently been deemed “unconstitutional” to reserve the words and title “Interior Designer” to only licensed practitioners.  Any one with a “flair” for decorating are now allowed to use this title personally or for their business.
SO, in short, don’t be fooled or trust the title anymore.  As you can see I have replaced my ASID affiliation with my actual license numbers.   Look for the licensed numbers from the Board of Architecture and Interior Design, as I have presented mine, to confirm that you are using a professional.

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