The Paradise Coast

I looked back and found that I had written about our Paradise Coast before, but thought it was important, as the seasonal traffic arrives, to think about the real draw to Naples, from our pristine beaches to our manicured roads, parks and upscale plazas, where Brie bakes fly off the shelf and buying a thirty dollar box of confections at a chocolatier shop coupled with a fine bottle of wine is a completely normal way of life.  Who would think of having anything less, in Naples!
JR and I often take the kids to our  farm, where they learn some pretty simple enjoyments like a tire swing, a walk in a stream or fishing for the afternoon.  Somehow though, when we get back to Naples, a trip to the olive bar at Fresh Market or a great cut of filet mignon is always in order!
I moved to Naples almost 17 years ago; my first project I worked on was a twenty thousand square foot home on the beach next to the Ritz Carlton. I learned about tromp l’oiel, book matching rare and expensive wood veneers, motorizing everything and bathing in walls of onyx slabs.  I learned over the years how anything I dreamed of could be made and made really well. One time I wanted two lions carved in Italy, precisely to a specific dimension to grace the front door of another twenty thousand square foot home I was now doing years later…easy-peasy, right? Delivered and installed – again, what less would you expect in Naples?
The friendships, though some of them seasonal, are rich with reunions and invite great gatherings all winter!  Our home becomes our palace and place to entertain, and a place for R&R when returning from our escargot appetizers followed by (you fill in the entree) and a tirimisu that topped off the night. After all, what else would you want in Naples!
As your professional Interior Designer, with memories of our trips to the farm, I know that the finer things in life are not always things. However, there is the saying “when in Rome!” and in our case we should say “when in Naples, do as the Napoleons!”
I believe this is the draw to Naples, so enjoy, live well, laugh often and a big toast to Naples and our Paradise Coast this New Year!
(With a fine bottle of champagne, of course!)

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