Florida Style

What a beautiful name for our unspoiled beaches, white sand and bountiful seashells that line the coast.  Every now and then a stop on the beach reminds me of where we live, the attraction for visitors and the natural beauty we have to embrace along the paradise coast.
For sixteen years, living in Naples designing around Tuscan style architecture, sometimes contemporary spaces or even an Island appealing style…
It makes me wonder…how about Florida style?
I think the days of washed out coral and aqua upholstery on pickled wicker may have ruined the “Florida style”!.
Somehow the traditional known colors of Florida were traded in for the dark earthy and jewel tones associated with Italy.  The “Tuscan Sun” versus “Sunshine State”.
In July we were contracted to decorate a big event for the Naples Beach Club and Hotel for a group of four hundred people. The guests were paraded on the beach to the pool area and lovely Watkins Lawn for a beautiful West Coast party at sunset.
A theme was needed for the party….I suggested that they embrace the fun retro look of the past combined with the Legacy of the Hotel dating back to the 1940’s-50’s.
 chairIt was a great experience to decorate for this theme.
 It was fun getting in tune with “Old Florida”
We designed and made every arrangement,
70 in all!
To the tune of 200 stems of Orchids…600 individual orchid blooms, 300 mini tropical drink umbrellas…more than 600 sea shells…
the list goes on!
The only thing missing…the Pink Flamingo right? You can take that up with the Beach Club Committee… it made me sad to not to have them there too.

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