North Carolina

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We had just crossed the Georgia border traveling south into Florida; we still had several hours to go before arriving at our home in Naples. I looked down at my watch and realized it had stopped before we even left North Carolina that morning. That, my friends, is where this story begins.

Eleven years ago, my husband JR and I were returning from our honeymoon trip to the mountains of North Carolina. We had a great time exploring the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopping at breathtaking vistas of mountain peaks smothered in soft clouds. I was still white knuckled from grabbing the welfare handle above my head in the Land Rover and still feeling queasy from the curving and sometime precarious situations we were in as we scaled up and down thin gravel roads. We were continuously awed as we reared another corner to find boundless views or a picturesque waterfall inconspicuously tucked into a secluded space of its own. When I announced my watch had stopped, JR replied that is was a sign that we should not disregard. We immediately called a realtor to discuss a property we had found, to make a long story short, we owned our own piece of heaven in the Blue Ridge Mountains before we pulled into our driveway in Naples. We have been visiting western North Carolina ever since! As the years went by the maps were put down and the GPS turned off, we passed cars with Florida licenses plates and muttered smartly, “Learn how to drive, Flat Lander!”

We started Odyssey, our own Interior Design Firm, about this same time in Naples, Florida. We always had intent to capture the clientele that lived amongst us is south Florida and help them with designing their dream homes in Western North Carolina. Over the years opportunities in Linville Ridge, Hendersonville and Ashville presented themselves and we were always very obliged to be a part of these projects. Seven years ago we added a division of our design studio devoted to cabinetry. We became dealers of a product line named Mouser Custom Cabinets. They have been building custom cab- inets in Elizabethtown Kentucky for fifty seven years and offer a diversified and very customizable line that is discerning to the quality of homes we design. The projects are always a success, our Naples residents have our wielding commitment, our studio for design meetings, presentations and planning of their North Carolina homes and still make their golf game! We are well versed in working out of state, as we have competed projects in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois and Ontario as well. Experience of jobsite conditions, our clear communication, great drawings and natural knack for understanding the complexities involved in construction aids in our ability to work off site. When duty calls at appropriate times during a project we pay job site visits for site measuring and meetings with the construction team.

We feel very fortunate to own our little pieces of heaven that range from a mere four up to four thousand feet above sea level. We appreciate our blessing of our business in Naples and the opportunity to have met and served our mountain friends with hopes to continue making more of your acquaintances.

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