What Happened to George Jetson?

What happened to George Jetson?

Weren’t we all supposed to have houses that were high in the sky by now? Are modern looks really in style or is RETRO modern evolving forward to take center stage?   From home furnishings to fashion and even hobbies, I can’t help but notice an Industrial Age Revolution being resurrected over the past few years. This year more and more furniture and accessory vendors have entire lines dedicating most of their line to the look. A couple of summers ago I started noticing the hobby magazines with DIY Steampunk style projects (which I couldn’t help but be intrigued with), a bit of throw back to my own early punk culture days. For those of you who don’t know Steampunk culture, check out this lovely beach photo by Belgian Photography Artist Viona. (See below for more info and her website)


Yes, even I strutted around for years in military surplus belts, boots and bags mixed with vintage clothes all strangely layered. The only color I owned was black and cleverly tightened all my clothes with dozens of “stylish” exposed safety pins mixed with one of a kind garments that I was given in trade by clothing designers for their fashion shows and photo shoots. Yikes, confession over. For those who have known me a long time…its surprising to see me wear any shade other than black, I’m over it, sort of, I still have my black days: who doesn’t?

Back to Interior Design: look around, it’s all the rage! Steel pipe furniture, mechanical parts, exposed brackets, nuts and bolts in purposeful or useful product design. Sure there’s a few clear plexy tables and round pedestal mounted chairs for you Jetsons but most of the furniture manufactures these days have straight lines, exposed welded edges, raw iron or hammered metal in appearance with the wood or glass used only for functionality, not necessarily to achieve the design. If you look closely even our vintage beach inspired line, Seems Like Yesterday and showroom, hosts a little industrial resurrection and that’s why I loved Viona’s seaside steampunk glamor girl.

For more Steampunk inspired photos from costume designer and photographer Viona; visit her website @ www.viona-art.com She currently resides in Germany…you’ll have to travel if you “dare to cross the borders to Viona’s world!”

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