A Peaceful Earth Day

**Earth Day**
Makes me reflect on a peaceful walk in the woods,
or the fresh feeling from the splash of water
from the prow of a boat…
A place where you can feel at one with Nature.
It’s great, isn’t it?
My blog usually focuses on design and the growing interest and availability of Green choices, however, in honor of Earth Day, which has grown to signify
recycling, pollution and energy use, I want to celebrate the Earth’s beauty and the close relationship we all have with correlating colors and emotions to the natural world around us!
It is simple to pick up any paint deck or fabric book and see how we connect a color to the familiarities of our environment.  Colors also reflect an inner feeling we have when we apply them to our interiors.
When a we describe blue, is it sky blue or ocean blue?
When we talk about green is it grass green or olive green?
And when we refer to red, is it clay red or rose red?
I bet you all know what color I am referring to when I just say sky, clay or olive!
Are feelings attached to colors?
Of course they are!
Sky blue; fresh and cool
Ocean blue; mysterious even tranquil
Grass green; happy, easy going
Olive green; safe.. and hungry!
Red clay; comfortable and warm
And rose red; love and passion.
There is no mystery why we have color annalists around the globe working to prepare the colors for the entire world of merchandise that is presented to us each year in advertising, clothing, furnishings and decor.
There are professional color theory designers, who work on color theory to decorate your home and office to evoke the desired level of energy, assurance and emotion to make a business successful or a home peaceful for each individual personality or group.
You wouldn’t put a hot blooded personality in a warm red environment or wear red to a meeting with them…
…clash, clash, clash…
nor would you use pinks and tranquil colors to wake up a crowd and get them pumped up about the day!!!
If you see me wearing a purple in the shade of
a violet flower or a purple plum…
It’s because I want my client, when they meet me,
 to connect their sensible side with their creative side…
it is the color that allows the left and right brain to communicate!!
Have fun this Earth Day and enjoy the colors of your world!!!

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