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After 20 years of working in Interior Design in Naples, Florida, I was asked to compile a number of articles as a contributing editor of Luxury Home Design for Portfolio Magazine.  As you can imagine it was a tremendous amount of work to write the stories and to gather vendor products for all the articles.  Ian effort not to lose all the articles we decided to compile them into one place: right here on this blog!


When visiting our showroom ones day, and I’ve never forgotten it, he said, “You do a lot of meaningful work, you never try to outgrow yourselves” he said positively, then continued with a smile of encouragement “you guys sure know how to keep it lean and mean”.  It was very powerful words and to be clear, lean didn’t refer to any current diet trend and mean didn’t refer to any ruthless personalities!  In contraire, he as others could clearly see our client driven concentration and determined work ethic on our design projects. 

Our clients get the designer they hired as their project leader, me, Athena Thompson, they get a great and very creative, effective and experienced design assistant, Alyssa Krukow and they get a great guy (my husband to boot), JR, to take care of any jobsite concerns or help with anything to be picked up, wrapped up, delivered or hung!  We are all about keeping it small, keeping it real and proud to be the only firm needed in the hearts of those who hire us!  Please feel free to make an apointment by calling us at 239-325-9402 or for even more company info. visit our web page at 

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