Dreams Do Come True

So I woke up from a dream…


The words in my dream as I awoke were repeating loud and clear…”you own Seems Like Yesterday…you own Seems like Yesterday…”

First thing I did that morning was incorporate Seems Like Yesterday and bought the domain name and put the issue to rest. However the idea couldn’t rest, every time I saw a cute vintage chair or acquired another Singer Sewing machine (my weakness, I have 4 Singers and a vintage Sears?! I know what you are thinking…Why??…) the idea of what to do with Seems Like Yesterday…the business I was supposed to own according to my dream, was just brewing.

JR realized that I was not stopping with this “dream” until we had a small area of our design studio cleared away for a “little” vintage boutique corner. What I didn’t realize, is that when my husband got the bug, the corner grew into the entrance area, then our meeting room and when that area was ripped out and shaping up, everything else started looking horrible so the whole office got the boot! For my clients during that time and you know you are, THANK-YOU for your patients as we searched through disorganized mountains of fabric books and catalogues to find that perfect color!!

By this time, the awesome “colonial coastal” millwork was being installed, a perfectly beachy white built in was on its way from Mouser Custom Cabinets, wide white wood floors and Statuary white marble was being installed and new products were ordered to fill the studio! Seems Like Yesterday went from a quaint vintage corner idea to being the entire concept for our Interior Design studio!

I had been vetting manufacturers for years to establish a relationship with our own upholstery workroom from N.C., (a region deeply inherited with American Made tradition of furniture construction) discovering that our clients LOVED our upholstery and always praised the quality and comfort; our private label was born and the studio now had room to boast our own Upholstery Line: “Seems Like Yesterday “

With our own upholstery line now setting the stage (and comfort) of our design studio, we wanted to make sure our clients could see and feel the quality of the products we love and selected choice items to grace the boutique. Odyssey’s clients have confidence in their purchases; what was only visible by catalogue or tiny square swatches is now on display, boasting the workmanship and quality!

Dream coming true right? Almost there…..

Seems Like Yesterday needed an identity and since we live and serve the residents of the best beach in the country (maybe my bias)…A vintage “coastal” boutique was born!! While many local shops may have one or two treasures, maybe even touristy, our coastal friends have to work hard to find that perfect classy coastal décor, not anymore! Luxury, good quality, designer styling, from pearls to pillows, we offer pretty to humor. My goal with all of our products of Seems Like Yesterday is to impress that its “More than a style…It’s a lifestyle”. We offer custom high end quality not found in the box stores with a twist of humor for real life! Those who know me as their friend, as their designer, know I have expensive taste, very discerning about quality, and pride in perfection…all while comfort first; in my favorite blue jeans and a pair of flip flops!

And the answer is YES! We are still busy doing Interior Design; follow us on Facebook and join my blog to keep seeing amazing projects and interesting insight on Interior Design. Visit the Odyssey Interior Design website for more info or indulge yourself and your friends with the products from Seems Like Yesterday.


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