Bold Colors Create Epic Entertainment

Sometimes it can be really scary for people to introduce bright colors into their interior spaces. It makes sense — it’s obviously a lot safer to go with muted or subtle neutral colors. But when our client came… Read More

A Virtual Tour

At the beginning of the month, we held an open house to show off Odyssey Interior Design’s brand new studio remodel, as well as all of our new inventory for Seems Like Yesterday. Take a look below as Athena… Read More

Cinemas at Home

Photo courtesy of Bill Earls The earliest documented account of an exhibition of projected motion pictures in the United States was in June 1894 in Richmond, Indiana by Charles Francis Jenkins. Jenkins used his Phantoscope to project his… Read More

La Cucina

When we think of the hub of our home, the place where the day starts and the last lights are turned off at night, we think of the kitchen. Most of my readers now know that I grew… Read More

La Tavola

“La tavola,” or simply the table, is a place where we gather with family and friends to join in a meal. The dining room is a place where we appreciate good food, fine wine, and great company. As… Read More

Le Bain

In most homes, Le Bain or the bathroom’s sole purpose is that of convenience and utility. Yet when it comes to high-end homes, I have had the privilege to design very detailed and intricate master ensuites that showcase… Read More

Le Grande Salon

Le Grand Salon, a unique and notable space, not found in every home. In fact, some luxury homes I’ve had the pleasure to design have steered away from including this space or they’ve minimized it to such an… Read More

Blue + White: Coastal Trends

The coast calls to us and we migrate to the water whether we live near it or love to travel to visit it.  The lifestyle is a little more relaxed and the pace a little slower; we replenish our… Read More

The Paradise Coast

I looked back and found that I had written about our Paradise Coast before, but thought it was important, as the seasonal traffic arrives, to think about the real draw to Naples, from our pristine beaches to our manicured roads, parks and upscale plazas,… Read More

Dropping the ASID

Ah Hah!  As you may have noticed, after nine years, I have dropped my professional affiliation with ASID the American Society of Interior Designers, the very association that professed their commitment to build a professional and serious public appreciation and… Read More